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We offer a wide range of IT solutions and computer repair services. We can come into your business and build you a totally custom server that only your company runs on no one else. This will set you so far ahead of your competition.

We can provide a unique network for your company that is healthy. Doing this makes it easy for your employees to work on the same projects at the same time. They can easily move from one project to the next from the comfort of their desk. This is one of the most popular services we offer.

We like to pair one of these with our important security support management. This takes the stress out of your everyday work. If a computer crashes, we can fix it from our office. If a file vanishes, we can dig it back up for you. If your server crashes, we have backups for everything. We scan your server as often as you want to make sure we will always be up to date with your data if anything were to happen.

Here at Springfield IT solutions, we love to set up your personal cloud for you. This is a revolutionary service we provide that many do not. What we do is determine what size of cloud you need fast. Storage is critical how much do you need. Then we talk with your team a determine how much they will need. Next, we configure a cloud for all your company. It will take a lot off the stress of-of your computer system. You will be able to link all your computers together in one storage device that holds all your papers. This sounds a little risky, but we put in three layers of protection, so it’s almost impossible to crack. This is the way of the future. If you want to keep your company one the cutting edge of technology you have to have your custom cloud.

What do you do when you have a big project that your team is working on, and you have are not using one of our clouds. You are so close to being done and later that night when you everyone has left the office an electrical fire burns your entire office. I know this is deviating and you couldn’t imagine that happening to you. Take a look here at our referrals of this happening to someone her in Springfield. Since we are talking hypothetically about your office burning down I’m going to skip over the emotions until it happens to you but what do you do about the big project that is due next week? I will tell you what you do. You call us as fast as possible so we can start working on getting everything put back together. This happens more than we like but Springfield, moon it does it brings a smile to our face knowing we can do our part to getting things back on track. Sometimes we can get everything up and run that day so your time can be met up at the local coffee shop and get it done before the deadline. Helping you meet your deadline on time gets us excited.

One thing we do for yours that others do not offer is telecommunication consulting services. What this means is if you ten different software from ten different companies we take care of it. You tell us what you need. We go out and contact the companies that provide the software and set up the deal. We can then set everything up for you. This sounds expensive I understand, but generally, we can get this software at such a discounted rate that it covers our services and then some. You want us to do this for you because we have established relationships with these companies. We make sure that you get the best deal possible or we cover all cost.

How are Springfield IT solutions?

The long story short is we are a bunch of nerds who loves to help you grow your business.

All we do is sit at our desk all day and get work done for your business. We love it tho; This is why we were put on this earth to grind ours on helping build up the businesses that we are partnered with. The owner and CEO James Kegger has been playing on computer since he was just five years old. The rest of the team is full of experts with a combined experience of over 100 years on our small team of 8. We get things dome over here at Springfield Managed IT Solutions Incspringfield, mo. We love our town we love our state, and we love the many partners we have. God bless the United States and our President Donald Trump.


Using Springfield IT Solutions Inc is the best thing I have ever done in business. My business grew fast, and I didn’t know how to manage everything and everyone. James came in with his team and organized our entire system to work perfectly.
-Frank Smith

I highly highly recommend hiring James for any IT solutions. Our offices got burned down to the ground that month. This was the hardest obstacle in my entire life. We had not only lost our business home, but we lost our biggest project we have ever done for the largest payout we have ever taken. It was devastating, but today we got in turned in three days early. All thanks to James digging in and getting it back for us fast.

-Mark Reece

Very pleased with these services we received for James. Our business was going down because of someone hacking into our website every week. Making us look bad by posting bad things. Our SEO rank was also going down. These guys came in found the man so we could sue him and reinforced our website protection. We have never been doing better.

-Eddie Wood